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Transforming agriculture with innovation and sustainability, one solution at a time - that's what Ycenter Shambah Solutions is all about



Empowering the agricultural sector through innovative and sustainable solutions, creating a brighter future for farmers and communities.



To be a leading provider of innovative and practical solutions that transform the agricultural sector and create a brighter future for farmers and communities.



To empower farmers and communities, drive innovation and sustainability in the agricultural sector, and create a positive impact through personalized solutions that meet unique needs.

Advancing Agriculture
Incubating, Educating, Innovating

Transform your agribusiness with our comprehensive suite of services - from incubation and education to cutting-edge technology solutions and extension support.

Extension Support Services

Our extension support services help farmers to make informed decisions about their crops and livestock. We offer a range of services, including soil testing, agronomic and livestock advisory, and more.

Experiential Learning Programs

Empower the next generation of agriculture leaders! Our programs provide women and youth with the skills and knowledge to succeed, from entrepreneurship to leadership and mentorship.

Agribusiness Incubation and Support Services

Take your agribusiness to the next level! We provide the tools and resources to increase profitability, from business planning to marketing and product development. Let us help you grow and thrive!

Technology Solutions and Data Analytics

Revolutionize your farming with cutting-edge technology! Our solutions offer mobile apps, data analytics, and precision agriculture tools. Embrace innovation and elevate your agribusiness with us!

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Nairobi - Upper Kabete

Murang'a Branch - Kangema Mukarara


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Nairobi Branch

Basement Floor, Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology, Upper Kabete Campus

Murang'a Branch

Kangema FarmHub Plot #4 Mukarara-Kangema, PO Box 100-10202.


+ 254 733-375-505